When I was a little girl, I began exploring my creativity through music. Early on, I was a Suzuki kid, and the violin was my palette.  To be honest, I could feel the music, but I couldn't read sheet music to save my life; seeing as the main examples I had for future play were orchestrally based, I gave it up in 1999 after high school.



Fast forward to March 2016.  Many, many moons later, I discovered the handpan. The interim joys that had been fostered by way of visual explorations resurfaced in an instant. The handpan is an instrument for the child in all of us, and has such a resounding ability to slow down time...something we need more of in today’s technologically fueled age and as we age.


To play, you simply need 2 things:

- and -
an imagination

Knowing that, I've been hooked ever since.

As I evolve hand-in-hand with this instrument, and other musicians,
I'll share more sound bites.  Blessings + Enjoy!