Sarah Paz Hyde is a Filipino-American artist. Her vision is derived from a unique multi-cultural upbringing melded with a Zen Buddhist approach to both life and creativity.


At the age of 4, Sarah Paz began her creative journey, wielding the violin as her first modality for expression. This initial wave of experiences also left a resounding wake in how she engages the world through her artistry and spirit. As a result, Hyde has expanded her artistic avenues of community engagement to include visual and performance arts — photography, mixed media, graphic design, theatre and musically via violin + voice + handpan play.


Wabi-Sabi in nature, Hyde has evolved and commingled her darkroom and digital practices into more tactile pursuits, currently working with wheat pasted photographs on varying substrates.


In mixing visual mediums to first add layers, then slowly remove them, Hyde mirrors her belief that deep introspection is necessary in order to release from the attachment of personal and societal woes. In Wonder Lost Sarah Paz creates visual totem as visual reminder. From doing the continuous “deep dive” through her own life experiences and empathic nature, she has come to realize that it, truly, is the beauty of our imperfections that make us whole, never the disillusionments of perceived perfection. Her lyricism reflects similarly.

Hyde was formally educated in photography, graphic design and originally violin trained in the Suzuki method. While her younger days were steeped with rich memories of Southern Illinois and the Philippines, she now splits time between Colorado and the deserts of Southern California.

4x5 wayna picchu


Hyde's artistic journeys have taken her
across the globe and afforded opportunities to capture the soul of the people, places and cultures far and wide.


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